Welcome, I'm Sianna Rea.

I'm an intuitive healer, massage therapist, and sound healing facilitator. 

"In this hectic commercialised and franchised world, it can be easy to feel lost in a numbers system when what we crave, is personalised, caring, and tailor-made personal support. 

From Body-Work, to Spiritual and Emotional, we each have deficits of these factors within a faced-paced, depersonalised society. This is where the Slow Down, Breathe, Connect and Relax, helps us to come back to our true human essence. 

It is from this space, that I offer Massage, both clinically and intuitively adept, Crystalline and Sound/Frequency Healing, Channeled Readings, Spiritual and Practical Counselling."

How I can help you

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 Queensland, Australia 


0415 721 855