Massage is a centuries old art which when skilfully applied delivers significant beneficial results to the recipient.

Remedial massage is the application of specific assessment and treatment. Highly suited but not limited to conditions such as -


Rotator cuff injury


Knee Pain

Neck Strain and Limited Movement symptoms

Back Pain

Plantar Fasciatis

Pre & Post Surgery

Injury Repair, Management and Prevention 

Cranio Sacral Release is a very gentle form of somatic bodywork bringing deep calming energy and flow of movement to the cranium, brain and central nervous system. This effects deep repair and relaxation of the entire body. Through directed intention and cranial point activation, imbalances and blockages in the craniosacral fluid are released. This therapy can be delivered as a stand alone session which is a clothed treatment, or added to any other session including massage. 

Relaxation Massage is based on Swedish Relaxation and Kahuna methods, this massage soothes the central nervous system and promotes lymphatic flow, assisting the body to remove toxins and releasing stored stress. The gentle flow of movement, aided with gentle stretching promotes the release of endorphins (happy hormones) between the CNS and body, leaving the recipient in a state of Blissful relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage is available after the first Trimester. With so much change taking place in a woman’s body, regular massage should be seen as a necessity rather than a luxury. As a womans body changes, aches and pains, tiredness and shifting hormones and emotions are well supported by massage. This is delivered side-lying, supported in comfort with cushioning, allowing complete relaxation and support for you and Bub.

As a therapist with 15 years experience I've seen the importance of treating the entire body as an integrated whole rather than a collection of separate parts and I've adopted an integrative approach to my massage delivery. With a whole body approach, old injuries, imbalances and referred pain patterns become evident for treatment. 

Whilst one session will create significant results, follow up sessions will deliver an amazing freedom and knowledge of your body and how you can support your body to prevent re injury. All treatments are discussed and decided in consultation with you, the client. 

Massage is not a one size fits all and as such I work with you to support your desired results.