“Sianna provides true holistic and intuitive massage. As a qualified remedial massage therapist, she brings the knowledge and expertise of the structure and function of our physicality, with the genuine ability to intuit what each individual needs, from an energetic perspective. Sianna also offers Intuitive Guidance Counselling, holding a Healing Space for her clients, directed by love, respectfulness, care, and a clear connection to spirit."

Linda Brown - Ayurvedic Practitioner  

"Sianna is absolute gold. I was so fortunate to find her & her magic hands when I did.I have been seeing her for a couple of years now & highly recommend her. She doesn’t do run of the mill massage... she is incredibly intuitive & she works on the parts of your body that need it & then finds the parts that you didn’t even know needed working on. She’s been an absolute goddess & support physically, spiritually & mentally. If you’re mind & body both need some release & relief, go & see her. You won’t be disappointed!"

Alina Williamson